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Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee and Catch Up

Allison has been back working hard in the sweatshop, kidding, but not really. After discovering a couple of amazing new fabrics, it was time to create. Trust me when I tell you that I want everything, starting with the anna maxi skirts. The theme of today, 8/15, is Maxi Mayhem which is very appropriately named. Maxi skirts are perfect for any occasion. Seriously. You can wear them for a casual brunch with your girlfriends or dress it up for date night. You can also wear these skirts in the summer, fall, and spring–probably one of my favorite features about maxi’s. What I love specifically about allie mac’s maxi skirts are that all the patterns are adorable. You can’t go wrong picking one out!


(Note: This is the autumn gold stripe & taupe anna maxi skirt. Sizes S and L)

There are many reasons why everyone here at Allie Mac loves shorts. Southern summers are different from regular summers–that being they last until about mid september. There is a specific criteria I use for summer and early fall clothing: lightweight. I like chic and stylish, but I must be comfortable. That’s why I’ve become mildly obsessed with the Allie and Rachel shorts. My j-crew allie shorts have become a staple item in my wardrobe this summer. The material alone makes you want to wear them everyday. Add the vibrant and charming patterns and I’m surprised when I don’t have them on. Allison has added two new patterns–eek! The Rachel shorts are just as amazing. The more structured look allows you to wear them for a more formal occasion while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

DSC_2817(Note: mirage ikat allie shorts. Size 6)


 (Note: happi pyramid rachel shorts. Sizes 6 and 10.)

Finally, we get to talk about the susu skirt. I love everything knit material because they have amazing patterns yet are extremely comfortable. The susu skirt fits the criteria of the perfect skirt. This “yoga” type style allows for comfort all day, yet the bold patterns dress it up so you still look fashionable. This is also a great transition skirt for fall. You can wear it now with some sandals and then later again with a great pair of boots. What’s not to love?

Basically, everyone here at Allie Mac is obsessed with the new arrivals and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!



Behind the Scenes: Intern Edition

And just like that, it’s Monday again–where has the time gone?? With summer wrapping up, the interns here at Allie Mac have decided that it’s time y’all officially meet us. We have reflected back on our time here, and of course working with the wonderful Allison. In conclusion: we are not ready for it to come to an end. This has been such a great experience for both of us and we are extremely grateful for everything Allison and Allie Mac has given us!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 12.16.16 PM

(Note: Allison is way more fashionable and we would pick working for her over Meryl Streep any day)

 Meet Caroline: the Retail Intern 

Caroline Bridal 05.14-48

“Hey Allie Mac lovers! Just like y’all, I have a major love for Allie Mac, and I want to share the story behind my involvement with this awesome business. Once upon a time, when I was a wee child around the tender age of five, my love affair with all things fashion began… But seriously y’all, I began designing clothes as soon as I could draw! This tendency towards fashion design never stopped. Bored in class? Time to draw outfits. Waiting at the doctor’s office? I’m sure there’s a spare magazine around to draw on. I never thought pursuing a career in the fashion industry was plausible, but God had different ideas in mind. When I started dating the amazing and sexy man who would become my husband, he encouraged me to pursue my interests in fashion, and I learned how to sew using tutorials online. I fell in love with sewing right from the start! Less than a year later, my sweet sister-in-law and one of my good friends introduced me to Allison and the rest is history. I started my internship with Allison in May of this year, and this is seriously the opportunity of a lifetime! I get to learn how to sew from the very best, see every aspect (even the not so pretty aspects!) of running your own business, enjoy building a friendship with an incredible woman, and so much more! Allison is truly an inspiration to me, and she shows me every day that your dreams can become a reality. Does this mean that running your own business is easy? No! Do the challenges mean you should give up? Definitely not! So as I enter my final semester as an International Studies major at USC, I am excited and hopeful for what the Lord has in store for my future career in fashion and with Allie Mac!”


Meet Meg: the Marketing Intern


“Hey y’all! I’m Meg, a dog loving, style-obsessed marketing enthusiast. I am an upcoming senior at the University of South Carolina studying Marketing and Sport and Entertainment Management. I spend my time reading, pretending I work out, and finding the perfect ham and Brie croissant. I wanted to share my involvement and how I got started working for Allie Mac! I first learned about Allie Mac because my current roommate was an intern this past spring. She would constantly talk about how much she loved her internship and her incredible boss. When it came time to choose an internship for the summer, it was a no brainer that I would look into Allie Mac. All I needed to see was the Janet top and meet the fabulous Allison and I was hooked. Now before I go on, I would like to point out that no, I do not know how to sew. That’s why I can personally attest to how amazing and impressed I am of both Allison and Caroline’s skills. Seeing firsthand the effort and time that goes into making handmade clothing makes me value and appreciate Allie Mac even more. It also makes me proud to do the marketing for all the clothes. Working at Allie Mac has allowed me to not only see another aspect of marketing, but also what it takes to manage and own a small business. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and at times makes you want to sit in bed, watch a Netflix marathon and never leave. However, Allison’s dedication to her faith, trust in Allie Mac, and patience is truly inspiring. Whether she realizes it or not, she handles her company with such grace and has become a role model to me. Allison genuinely cares about her clients and what Allie Mac stands for, which is why I’m proud to be an intern here. I have loved every minute working with Allison and being a part of the Allie Mac brand. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”


Caroline & Meg

Allie Mac 2 year Anniversary!!!

For the past few days I have been reflecting on the past two years.  I am completely blown away with how much I have learned. I stepped out in faith by starting Allie Mac.  I had never owned a business.  I had never run a business.  I had only been sewing for a few months.  I mean.  HELLO.  I taught myself how to sew.  

Allie Mac has grown.  What started in my house, moved into a warehouse.  Hired interns.  Made tons of clothes.  Made new friends.  Lost friends.  Missed out on family and friend activities.  Made new memories with family and friends.  Stretched out of my comfort zone.  Questioned myself, “Why are you doing this, Allison? Why?”  

Here is the answer:

  • To be real.  
  • To live life.  
  • To accept the good and the bad.  
  • To not be scared.  
  • To be brave.  
  • To help other women believe in their dreams.  
  • To give God the Glory.  
  • Because Allie Mac is NOT about me.  It is about Him.  

He takes broken things and makes them beautiful.  (Thank you, Ellie Holcomb.)

He takes little scraps of fabric and puts them together in ways we can’t even wrap our brains around.  

Over the past two years I feel like He has been sewing me back together.  And sometimes it hurts.  But, when He closes the stitches that hurt the most, something new and Glorious emerges.  I am trusting Him.  Trying to live with my palms up.  Not clinching to hold on to what is not mine.  Trying to remember and be grateful.   

I remember the first Allie Mac show at Lorien’s house.  July 31, 2012.  Blown away by my friends who came to support and encourage me. 

I remember seeing precious ladies trying on an Allie Mac and their face lighting up.  

I remember each and every time I encouraged someone to do something they thought they might not be able to do.  Because you NEVER know.  Really.  Truly.

I remember the struggles of owning your own business.  

I remember the excitement of making something new.  

I remember.  






Grateful for each person who has ever bought an Allie Mac.  

Grateful for my husband who has been my rock. Who has led me with loving and gentle hands.

Grateful for my children.  Who love me and show me grace daily.  Cause being a momma and business owner is hard.  

Grateful for my family.  My mom and dad.  My sisters.  No words.  Just. Love.

Grateful for my friends.  Especially friends who speak truth.  Who aren’t scared to tell me when they think I need to slow down.  Or if I hurt their feelings.  Who aren’t scared to draw near in the UgLy.  And still love me.  I love you.  

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.


allie mac

P.S. There is going to be a GIVEAWAY today.  Make sure to check Facebook and Instagram!  

Allie Mac Update

Good afternoon! 

There have been so many exciting things happening at Allie Mac! We have officially updated the allie mac website (www.shopalliemac.com.) All of our new summer items have been listed–and we’re obsessed. We’re introducing new lines like our georgia pencil skirt and partay allie shorts. What we love most about all of our products is that you can either dress them down for a casual lunch with the girls or up for date night. The georiga skirt is also great for a weekly meeting at the office or a fancy brunch out!

Some other exciting news is that Allie Mac is participating in the Columbia, SC Soda City Market. This is like a farmers market that hosts local businesses. We cannot wait! If you’re a Columbia local, be sure to head downtown August 9th, 2014 and check it out! 

On a side note, we LOVE your feedback. We have been using the site, Polyvore, to make outfits out of our allie mac products. You can look at The Allie Mac Collection here. Which is your favorite “look?” Tag us on facebook in your allie mac apparel! 

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allie mac  







I am SO excited to participate in this FABULOUS SUMMER GIVEAWAY with Maggie Whitley Designs!  Only 2 days left to ENTER!

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I can’t wait to see who wins.  I hope it is someone Allie Mac knows:)



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Summer is Here!


Hey yall!  

We can’t believe summer is finally here! In Columbia, SC, that means constant air conditioning and hair spray to suppress the ever frizzing hair. We have some great upcoming events that we can’t wait to share with you! Recently, we’re all about Polyvore. We’ve created the Allie Mac Collection and encourage you to go follow us! This is a great way to design, shop, and visualize the perfect allie mac outfit (http://shopalliemac.polyvore.com/?filter=collections)! We LOVE your feedback, so let us know which is your favorite look–or create your own and send it to us! 

We have also created a separate instagram (shopalliemacauctions) where we can have flash sales, auctions for charities, and other offers! It will solely be used for sales so we have can everything centralized! We will still be using our other instagram account (shopalliemac,) so remember to follow both so you don’t miss out! 

With the impending heat wave, it’s time to cool things down with our new Rachel shorts! Sneak peaks will be coming soon–so be sure to keep a lookout for them! We’re going to be using fun, new patterns to brighten up your outfits!

Finally, we will be updating our instagram, facebook, and sending out a newsletter to keep in touch this summer! Stay cool!


Allie Mac 



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