Allie Mac Live Auction Event: Ends Monday May 19th @ 9:00pm


Allie Mac Live Auction Event 

5/15/14 to 5/19/14

We are so excited to announce our auction! We have created a new Instagram solely for sales. There will be #17 items featured to be auctioned off! Follow @shopalliemacauctions and comment on the Instagram photo the amount $$ of your bid and your email address. Each bid starts at $20 and 10%of the overall sales from this auction is going to be donated to #savingeliza. Now is your chance to donate to an amazing cause and get fabulous clothes in the meantime!

In the meantime, if you like, comment, and share the picture that is featured on both Instagram accounts (@shopalliemac and @shopalliemacauctions) you will be entered into a raffle. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Allie Mac and will be announced Monday night when the auction ends!

Checkout our Facebook page for more information and our Instagram account @shopalliemacauctions to view and bid on the items!

Happy Bidding!


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