Etsy has new listings!


I have listed some new items in my Etsy store.  I have also lowered the price on a few listings!  The only item I did not lower is the Blue vintage Allie Mac.  This was one of my first creations:)  I will be adding more today and possibly through the weekend.  So, please keep checking back!

I also want to give you an idea of how I am going to go with AMD.  I am scheduled to do two events between now and Christmas (more info on that later).  I will be sewing for those two shows up until November 9th.  I will also be adding new items to my store weekly.  I will post these on Fridays.  So, be on the lookout!

I WILL be taking special orders through my Etsy store.  What does this mean?  It means that you can place an order!  Maybe you see something you like that I post on Fridays and you need a different size or want a different fabric?  Maybe you see someone wearing an AMD and want one too?  Maybe just maybe you can’t wait until next year for my second trunk show?  Maybe you want to place a Christmas order?  Maybe just because you want to support me in my new endeavor?  🙂

You may also contact me through email at  We can set up a time when you could come to my house and try on what I have in stock and pick out the fabric you would like to have.  I want to be available to all who want to support AMD.  There will be a few weeks wait time according to how many special orders I have and when my two events take place (October 25 and November 9).  But, I will be able to tell you specifically how long it will take when (or before) you place your order.  All special orders will have to be paid in full when the order is placed.  The reason?  Because I order the fabric after the order is placed:)

Also, I am going to be adding new custom orders to my Etsy store.  This will include:

the kate.


*the belt is NOT for Sale.*


the sally.


*the belt is NOT for Sale.*


the mb(ea).  


the LO skirt. ( the one below is SOLD).


the amelia.


And here is a picture of a Bea top that just sold!


Alrighty then.  Back to work!

allie mac


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