What in the world?

Three years ago I was preparing to start graduate school and on my first day of class, my husband called to tell me he had lost his job.  Needless to say it rocked our world.  Turned us upside down and inside out.  I am a graduate school drop out.  (FYI don’t study mental disorders when your life is cra cra.  mkay?  ok.)

Ever since then I have struggled with fear of stepping out of my comfort zone.  What is God’s Will?  Scared of trying new things.  Not confident in my decisions.  Uncertain.

I have grown over the past three years like nobodies business.  Hurt so good.  And I am thankful.  So thankful.

I tried painting.

I tried embroidery.


Then somehow I decided I wanted to learn to sew.  You see, I never thought I would get married.  (I was the girl who started crying when I tried on my first wedding gown because I never thought it would happen.)  So, cooking, cleaning and homemaking were NOT on my radar.  Ha.

I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend.  My sister showed me how to thread the needle and do the bobbin.  And I was determined.  I pretty much taught myself how to sew.

I was hooked.  Determined to figure it all out.  I don’t know if any of you struggle with perfection, but I do.  I assumed the first time I threaded the needle that I would have mastered the art of sewing.  Harvard Style.  hmm.  yeah.  right. 😉


But, this girl is one determined momma.

I kept on sewing.  I sewed for my daughter.  She didn’t like anything I made.  So, I decided to sew for moi.

I made a top.  Then I made a dress.  I just kept on sewing.

And I got better.

I sewed for friends.

Friends liked my clothes.  What?  Really?

So, Allie Mac was born.  I formed my company in March 2012.  All with the support and encouragement from my husband.  I would not have attempted this had it not been for him.  I heart him.  Seriously.  Heart.

I wanted to create a line (two or three items) that I would want to wear.  Something that I could wear to the grocery store in flip-flops.  Come home and put on wedges, look adorbs and head out the door to dinner.  Something that we women could wear and just “be who we are.”  My wish for the women that wear Allie Mac Designs is just to “be who you are.”  Because you are beautiful just the way God created you.  Red.Yellow.Black.Or.White.You.Are.Precious.In.His.Sight.Amen.

And this first line just happened.

One of the most beautiful things is the “Tay” and “Bea” both evolved out of mistakes.  The “Tay” was a top.  Hated it.  Cut it off, added a yoga style waist and added a ruffle.  Love.  The “Bea” was designed for all women to be able to wear and not have that pregnant look.  So this took me FOevaah.  I am still tweaking my pattern.  “Bea” top with the yoga waist happened because I hated the top I made, but loved the fabric and didn’t have anymore floral fabric.  And this top is one of my favs. So, I have learned that God brings beautiful things out of mistakes.  And He makes my heart smile:)

The other style is “Amelia.”  This is like “Tay” but a little fuller.  The “Tay” is more fitted than the “Amelia.”  Which worked out perfectly because some of us women would like to hide the beauty marks of carrying 10 pound babies.  And some like to wear a little more fitted attire.  Or we like both.  I also wanted each of these items to be versatile.  Both the “Tay” and “Amelia” dress can be worn as a skirt.  How completely fabulous. Love.


I ran out of money that my husband and I had allotted for AMD.  My friend Lorien said give me a date and we are going to have a party.  Mkay.  I gave her a date.  It worked.  I made a Facebook page.  Scheduled a date with Lorien (the fabo photographer) to take pictures of her sister Kate in my clothes and that my friends deserves its own post.

I was scared out of my granny panties.  This is a risk.  I am putting myself out there and it is scary.  What is nobody likes it?  What if I can’t do this?  What if I fail?  What if something I make falls apart on someone?  One thing I have learned is “the what ifs” rob me of joy and life.  And He wants good for me and for you.  So, I have to BELIEVE.  And not be{LIE}ve the lies.

What started out as me posting my Facebook page and Lorien coming to take pictures has simply taken my breath away.  The encouragement and the kind words are too much for this girl who has been scared to death of putting my creations out there.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


allie mac


10 thoughts on “wow.

  1. I was going to email this to you earlier, but why not post it publicly?
    I don’t know you all that well…I love you probably more than I should based on how much time I’ve spent with you, but one of the first things I learned about you was that your husband had lost his job. I’ve watched from a distance over the last few years, from a distance (aka via Facebook), and today when I was thinking about these adorbs clothes, I thought to myself “she’s pulling of the whole Proverbs 31 thing.” And I’m not even sure that’s supposed to be our goal…but I see you, and I see someone who’s loving, outward facing, creative, and willing to do what it takes. I see a faithful woman! I’m so glad to have watched some of this unfold=)

    • tears. thank you. thank you. thank you.

      p.s. i totally see you in one of these dresses with a presh cardigan and a fun belt. and while we are doing this in public…..i will never forget that coat you had on the first time i met you at cock and bull. it was amazing. and i heart your style. but, i heart your heart for the Lord even more. xoxo, alliemac

  2. Love you and so proud of what you have done. What an amazing mother, wife, and friend you are and now an incredible designer! I can’t wait to wear these clothes and tell the profound story behind. Know I am always here if you need me 🙂
    Love You

    • mas. i about called you today because i need you to come try on these clothes before my partay. because you are beautiful, tall and skinny:) and i am short. seriously. comeonover to the cra cra. i love you and so thankful for you. thanks for your encouragement. i am doing…”gets you right here.” fist on the heart girl. xoxo, hyde

  3. Didn’t you just create this blog? How do you already have 322 followers? You are such a ROCKSTAR!!!! I love you more than words!

  4. You’re amazing Allison! Can’t wait to see you at the premiere! Everything is truly beautiful, looks like, by stepping out of your comfort zone you actually found it. =)

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